red lipstick, oh how I adore you 😘

Jun 1, 2013

thought that I'd give something a little different a try today, and loved it! my mother always wears red in memory of her grandmother whom she adored greatly. both women were and still are a major inspiration to me today ❤❤ 

please feel free to leave a comment down below on your thoughts and inspirations!
- love, Renee xx


Vanessa said...

Very nice post...I like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

Vanessa said...

Thank you so much for the follow.
Follow you back on bloglovin.
Lovely greets from germany

Caayenne said...

nice lipstick and nice lips ;)

Greetings from Poland,

Renee Alexis said...

thankyou for the lovely comment! means alot :)
P.S. i love your blog by the way x

Renee Alexis said...

no problem, its a pleasure :)

Milex said...

even more love

Nina Rachel said...

lovely picture! my grandma never wears bright lipstick, but everytime she gives me something that she used to wear, i am soooo fascinated by it every time i wear it... for example she gave me a blouse she bought when my dad was 1.. isn't that insane?? :) anyways, you've got a lovely blog honey!
Rachel and Nina from Zurich:)

Annalisa Masella said...

beautiful image
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I'll leave my link

Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) said...

beautiful colour and love the coat.

Cheers, Jacquie

Britt Whit said...

love the red lips!

love from San Francisco,

Renee Alexis said...

thankyou for the kind words! :) im also fascinated by both my grandmothers, both with such unique styles. haha wow that blouse must definantly mean heaps to you :)

Renee Alexis said...

thankyou! i had fun taking it :)

P.S you have a beautiful blog by the way

Renee Alexis said...

thankyou for the lovely comment,
haha i love it too, trust me its the softest one ever!

Renee Alexis said...

thankyou :)

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