The Skinny Jean

Nov 16, 2013

Skinny Jeans: The Trend That Will Be Forever 'In'

Ah, the Skinny Jean. An absolute must have and staple piece to any girl's wardrobe. My blue skinnies have saved the day many, many times! Easy to style and flattering, they're certainly my answer to any "what can i wear to [such and such's] occasion" situation, because they're ideal for almost everything.

Here are a couple of tips I have on finding the perfect, comfortable pair of skinny jeans just for you :)

  •  As for sizing, find one that fits you tightly, but you're still comfortable in when you move around. Good ways to test the comfy-ness ( apologies for the terrible use of words! ) are sitting on a chair and crossing one leg over the other, if its uncomfortable and hurts to sit in that position, then its best that you get the size above. 
  • Always get a slightly longer length in legs, but avoid getting a pair that bunches up incredibly ( however, if this is the case going to see a tailor to get them altered to a more suitable length is always a good fix ).
  • Once you've found a pair of skinnies that fit perfectly, if there is the option of more than one colour, you won't regret buying a couple more shades or prints in the same style. You'll be lucky to find another pair that fit as perfectly as "those" skinny jeans ( a.k.a: your absolute match made in heaven ).

Style Inspiration (courtesy of Tumblr):

Let me know where you found your perfect skinny jeans, and why they're your favourites.
Until next time, darlings.
Renee, xo

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