This is probably the quickest blog post I have ever put on my blog in my entire life, but it wouldn't really slot into any of my near future posts. So here's a few spontaneous things I wanted to quickly share with all of you lovely individuals :)

Firstly, I have invested in a brand spanking new camera, which I am extremely thrilled with so far (i'll be posting something more in depth on it within the coming weeks)! As of last Saturday, I am the proud owner of a Canon 600D -you can have a little peek at it here- and so far I am loving it to pieces. It's by far the most favourite thing i've ever bought.

Anyways, back on to the Random Post topic, me and my mother went for a lovely little stroll to the pier near our house, and it was probably the nicest, calmest evening we've had in quite a few months. There wasn't even a bird in the sky, I kid you not. You could probably even hear a pin drop, and we were at the beach! So I grabbed my camera and away we went.

These are the very first photos i've taken on the Canon 

Until next time girlies ♥ 

The only thing more deflating than having a terrible Monday is being unenthusiastic about Monday on a Sunday, the last day of true freedom for another five days.

Feeling uninspired about 'that day' really, really, really isn't uncommon though.
There's quite a few things you can do to make sure Monday isn't too dreadful, like having an early night, treating yourself to a bunch of chocolate saved for 'special occasions and birthdays' or even giving yourself a nice little pampering session at home the night before.
Well girlies i've got another sollution to add to making the 'most of those final vital off duty hours' list.
Feel good films of course! :)

Whether you're flying solo for the night or with your favourite people in the world, chick flicks are capable of making absolutely anyone feel better, so why not make them an addition to making those poor Sunday evenings a little less unbearable.
So grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate, a huge sweater, those sneaky sweets, kick up your feet and take in those last moments of bliss.
Before you know it Friday will be at your front door step again!

Ten Girlie Films:
- The Breakfast Club
- Because I said So
- This Means War
- Bridesmaids
- Breakfast At Tiffany's
- Confessions Of A Shopaholic
- Bride Wars
- Letters To Juliet
- Valentines Day
- 50 First Dates

And on that note, enjoy your Sunday evening ladies! Hopefully the Monday morning wake up is kind to you all ;)


I am lucky enough to be nominated by the beautiful Melodie, author of the wonderful blog Melodie Benson. Thank you so much I am sososo grateful :)
Also a massive thank you to everyone who reads my blog and comments on my posts, you have know idea how rewarding it is, i appreciate it immensely. Honestly.

The rules of this tag/award are that you need to write seven things about yourself and tag three bloggers who also deserve this award, so here it goes.
~7 Things About Me~
one. I usually wear two pairs of socks, mainly because I have feet that seem to never fit into shoes that fit me when I originally bought them.
two. I prefer winter fashion over summer's but summer's weather over winter's.
three. My favourite movie is About Time.
four. I am easily pursuaded by natural and organic beauty products over artificial ones.
five. I would love to see Lorde and Birdy in concert.
six. My favourite flower is certainly a light pink peony.
seven. I love the mountainous area of Victoria just as much as I love the beach :)

For further nominations, I choose:

Again, a huge thank you and hug to Melodie for nominating me :)


Hello there beautiful people :) ,
For this next post I've decided to let you all in on a little hidden secret of mine. I discovered this store when I first relocated to the beach. The first time I walked in was just as enchanting as walking in there today, or tomorrow, or any other day of the year. It has got to be the cutest (and my favorite) store in the area. Not only are all the clothes are made on premises, but most of the little unique decorative things and jewelry are made locally as well. The entire store has such an organic, natural, light, breezy feel to it and I love it to pieces.
This post however, is about a candle.
My favorite one of them all. It's even shaped like a bottom heavy science flask, or a conical flask, how quirky is that!

It's coconut and lime infused and it is probably the most divine scent I have ever come across. This candle is exactly like the packaging says, it truly smells like coconut and lime and just all round goodness! :)
All of the candles from Mookah Studios are beautifully handmade in Melbourne, the city of fashion and all things fabulous, and are also 100% soy based which means that they burn longer and are a trillion times better for our environment than paraffin wax. ♥ 

Today I felt the need to write a post, as i haven't in a while. The only problem was that I had a severe case of writers block (or in this case, bloggers block). So i took to google, as one usually does these days because google is what one turns to, expecting heaps of great ideas. I must admit, not many were very original, but none the less-they were ideas. So after about an hour of productive searching, I found this. Ten facts about me. The moral of this story: google is a great invention, and people who write blog posts on what to write blog posts about are fantastic ;)
I don't think I've ever gotten around to doing an about me post, or anything alike.
So today i decided to do something a little more spontaneous than usual.

one: I've always been on the fence about whether i prefer cats or dogs. If it's fluffy, i will be literally overcome with happiness.
two: I have a reallllly bad habit of calling myself older than i am around four months before my birthday. For example, i will most likely call myself sixteen a couple of months before i even reach the age of sixteen. See, terrible habit.
three: I love baking sweet things. I'm absolutely rubbish at cooking lunches and dinners for some reason.
four: The sun instantly makes me happy, overcast days get me down really easily.
five: I prefer Mac over Windows, but i've never owned a Mac. Mucking around on my friends Mac's has changed my preference ten times over
six: I try to avoid using heat on my hair, so seeing me with straight or blown out hair is a super rare occurrence. I only usually do it when i woke up with thee worst crazy bed hair in the world.
seven: Ever since I started learning math in primary school, I've always preferred writing numbers as letters.
eight: I used to do ballet and jazz from four years old to eight.
nine: I love aeroplanes and flying, but the idea of something going wrong still terrifys me.
ten: I really dislike crying myself, but I will do absolutely anything to comfort someone else in tears.
eleven: I love going to completely new places and getting lost. Something about not knowing where i'm going is just extremely exciting.
twelve: I physically can't wake up to an alarm. They just don't work on me, opening a curtain or turning on a light is a lot more reliable.
thirteen: I sing all the time, but never properly when i'm around people.
fourteen: Hot coffee isn't my thing, I'd much prefer a nice hot chocolate instead.
fifteen: I went to Italy in 2008 to visit family, and it's still by far the best holiday i've ever had.
sixteen: I'm counting down the days till the next big market in Inverloch (19th of April to be precise).
seventeen: Waterfalls are probably one of my favorite things ever and they're super rewarding if you had to hike to get there. Something about hiking gives you a completely refreshed mind.
eighteen: I'm awful with remembering things. Especially names and birthdays.
nineteen: I've always wanted to visit London and New York City.
twenty: If I am comfortable around you, weirdness will take over me and I will become truly crazy and happy
twenty one: Berry smoothies make me really happy.
twenty two: My favorite song changes every. single. day.

How did February slip away so incredibly fast guys?
Hope you are all doing fabulously and have had a great start to the year. Between moving to the coast and the wonderous joy we all know as high school, I haven't had a massive amount of time to write any posts on my blog. One of 2014's goal's I set for myself was to blog more, which certainly hasn't been achieved quite yet sadly. However, one of my other resolutions was to give my little section of the interwebs a fresh new look. So Renee Alexis has had a MAJOR new years' makeover, thanks to the delightfully talented Sweet Lemon Grey. It is definitely worth going over to her corner of the internet to check out her blog and template store, all of which she creates herself. 

With March comes Autumn on this part of the planet, and I really do enjoy the season. Mostly for the crisp maroons and deep red colours in fashion trends, but also because of the colour of everything else. It does get rather cold down here on the beach which is the perfect excuse for maybe one too many layers or scarves, but hey lets be honest, who doesn't love an extra wooly coat? 

p.s: Felt the need to throw in a couple of pretty pictures, especially the flower crown wearing cat ;)