Mar 6, 2014

♥ Into The Third Month We Go ♥

How did February slip away so incredibly fast guys?
Hope you are all doing fabulously and have had a great start to the year. Between moving to the coast and the wonderous joy we all know as high school, I haven't had a massive amount of time to write any posts on my blog. One of 2014's goal's I set for myself was to blog more, which certainly hasn't been achieved quite yet sadly. However, one of my other resolutions was to give my little section of the interwebs a fresh new look. So Renee Alexis has had a MAJOR new years' makeover, thanks to the delightfully talented Sweet Lemon Grey. It is definitely worth going over to her corner of the internet to check out her blog and template store, all of which she creates herself. 

With March comes Autumn on this part of the planet, and I really do enjoy the season. Mostly for the crisp maroons and deep red colours in fashion trends, but also because of the colour of everything else. It does get rather cold down here on the beach which is the perfect excuse for maybe one too many layers or scarves, but hey lets be honest, who doesn't love an extra wooly coat? 

p.s: Felt the need to throw in a couple of pretty pictures, especially the flower crown wearing cat ;)