Mar 20, 2014

Le Versatile Blogger Award

I am lucky enough to be nominated by the beautiful Melodie, author of the wonderful blog Melodie Benson. Thank you so much I am sososo grateful :)
Also a massive thank you to everyone who reads my blog and comments on my posts, you have know idea how rewarding it is, i appreciate it immensely. Honestly.

The rules of this tag/award are that you need to write seven things about yourself and tag three bloggers who also deserve this award, so here it goes.
~7 Things About Me~
one. I usually wear two pairs of socks, mainly because I have feet that seem to never fit into shoes that fit me when I originally bought them.
two. I prefer winter fashion over summer's but summer's weather over winter's.
three. My favourite movie is About Time.
four. I am easily pursuaded by natural and organic beauty products over artificial ones.
five. I would love to see Lorde and Birdy in concert.
six. My favourite flower is certainly a light pink peony.
seven. I love the mountainous area of Victoria just as much as I love the beach :)

For further nominations, I choose:

Again, a huge thank you and hug to Melodie for nominating me :)