Mar 31, 2014

~ A Random Post ~

This is probably the quickest blog post I have ever put on my blog in my entire life, but it wouldn't really slot into any of my near future posts. So here's a few spontaneous things I wanted to quickly share with all of you lovely individuals :)

Firstly, I have invested in a brand spanking new camera, which I am extremely thrilled with so far (i'll be posting something more in depth on it within the coming weeks)! As of last Saturday, I am the proud owner of a Canon 600D -you can have a little peek at it here- and so far I am loving it to pieces. It's by far the most favourite thing i've ever bought.

Anyways, back on to the Random Post topic, me and my mother went for a lovely little stroll to the pier near our house, and it was probably the nicest, calmest evening we've had in quite a few months. There wasn't even a bird in the sky, I kid you not. You could probably even hear a pin drop, and we were at the beach! So I grabbed my camera and away we went.

These are the very first photos i've taken on the Canon 

Until next time girlies ♥