Mar 16, 2014

Twenty Two Facts About Me

Today I felt the need to write a post, as i haven't in a while. The only problem was that I had a severe case of writers block (or in this case, bloggers block). So i took to google, as one usually does these days because google is what one turns to, expecting heaps of great ideas. I must admit, not many were very original, but none the less-they were ideas. So after about an hour of productive searching, I found this. Ten facts about me. The moral of this story: google is a great invention, and people who write blog posts on what to write blog posts about are fantastic ;)
I don't think I've ever gotten around to doing an about me post, or anything alike.
So today i decided to do something a little more spontaneous than usual.

one: I've always been on the fence about whether i prefer cats or dogs. If it's fluffy, i will be literally overcome with happiness.
two: I have a reallllly bad habit of calling myself older than i am around four months before my birthday. For example, i will most likely call myself sixteen a couple of months before i even reach the age of sixteen. See, terrible habit.
three: I love baking sweet things. I'm absolutely rubbish at cooking lunches and dinners for some reason.
four: The sun instantly makes me happy, overcast days get me down really easily.
five: I prefer Mac over Windows, but i've never owned a Mac. Mucking around on my friends Mac's has changed my preference ten times over
six: I try to avoid using heat on my hair, so seeing me with straight or blown out hair is a super rare occurrence. I only usually do it when i woke up with thee worst crazy bed hair in the world.
seven: Ever since I started learning math in primary school, I've always preferred writing numbers as letters.
eight: I used to do ballet and jazz from four years old to eight.
nine: I love aeroplanes and flying, but the idea of something going wrong still terrifys me.
ten: I really dislike crying myself, but I will do absolutely anything to comfort someone else in tears.
eleven: I love going to completely new places and getting lost. Something about not knowing where i'm going is just extremely exciting.
twelve: I physically can't wake up to an alarm. They just don't work on me, opening a curtain or turning on a light is a lot more reliable.
thirteen: I sing all the time, but never properly when i'm around people.
fourteen: Hot coffee isn't my thing, I'd much prefer a nice hot chocolate instead.
fifteen: I went to Italy in 2008 to visit family, and it's still by far the best holiday i've ever had.
sixteen: I'm counting down the days till the next big market in Inverloch (19th of April to be precise).
seventeen: Waterfalls are probably one of my favorite things ever and they're super rewarding if you had to hike to get there. Something about hiking gives you a completely refreshed mind.
eighteen: I'm awful with remembering things. Especially names and birthdays.
nineteen: I've always wanted to visit London and New York City.
twenty: If I am comfortable around you, weirdness will take over me and I will become truly crazy and happy
twenty one: Berry smoothies make me really happy.
twenty two: My favorite song changes every. single. day.