Apr 6, 2014

A Fine Day For A Winery

Yesterday marked the incredible milestone of my grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary! The love they have always had for each other is immense and has always been inspirational to us all. So congratulations on fifty years guys :)

To celebrate this extra special occation, my mother, sister and my grandparents drove about half an hour to a beautifully secluded winery in Waratah North, Basia Mille (click here to go to their site) where the rolling hills literally meet the sea.

This little replica of Tuscany is positioned so that all guests get a spectacular view of Corner Inlet, Wilsons Promontory and Bass Straight as well as the vineyard and olive groves. The section of Basia Mille we visited was Cellar Door, the cafe part of the property. We had a few antipasto platters to share between ourselves and some sparkling water, which went together terrifically. Overall our experience was fantastic, Jennifer (the extremely kind lady who served us for the day)  was absolutely wonderful and told us some amazing stories about how the acreage came to be the establishment it currently is and the few hours we were there was completely breathtaking.

A tremendously impressive day and I'm looking forward to visiting little Italy again soon :)

Here are a handful of photos I took throughout the day, I hope you all adore the scenery as much as we did!

the view from the side of the property

Gorgeous decor at the cafe

Me ( left ) and the little sister Celina ( to the right )

Heaps of memorabilia scattered along the walls 

There were bunches of really lovely coloured candles inside Cellar Door, like these

Again, the furniture is so well suited to all of the surroundings

One of the first things everyone sees as they drive in are these beautiful french style steel gates, perfect.

Celina and I on the steps.

A cute idea they have on one side of the property is a poetry walk, where there''s different posts with different pieces of poetry. My sister and I thought this was such a creative idea and we've never seen anything like it before.

One of the pathways in the poetry walk included 12 cement columns, we thought this would be perfect to be used as a wedding isle.

Celina loved all of the "posts of poetry"

Another perspective of 

Inside the steel gates

( from left to right ) My grandfather, mum, Celina, myself and my grandmother

The remainder of our antipasto platters


 This was a whole bunch longer than most of my usual posts, so I apologise for the lengthiness ;)
I hope the photos are as enjoyable to look at as they were to take!
until next time,