Autumn Tumblr Trends I Heart

Apr 29, 2014

Natural flawless makeup for me is always in season no matter what.

When it comes to the latest fashion, I find trusty ole' Tumblr to be a god sent.
Fashion is an ever changing, evolving and developing part of our lives that we all wittness and it is marvellous.

So today's post will be ten trends that i'm really loving for autumn/fall here in Australia.

Bright and bold patterned dresses are the perfect way to make a statement with total ease.

A muted shade of pink with a hint of nude to it is the perfect lipstick shade for Autumn

Embroidered detailing on shirts are flawless.

Mesh fabric used as sleeves is pure genius.

I have the strangest obsession with wearing sweaters will heels. Practical and stunning for the Autumn months.

White eyeshadow is such a glamorous look

Collarbones are a really flattering part of our bodies we should show off more, what better way than with a sweater.

Simple, clean cut outfits are gorgeous and completely Autumn approved.

Let me know what your favourite trends are right now, or if you're in love with something completely different. Feedback is welcomed with opened arms as always!

Cheers ladies! :)

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