Apr 20, 2014

♥♥ Happy Easter ♥♥

A very warm Happy Easter to you all! How it came around so impossibly fast, i have no idea, but I hope you enjoy the chocolate filled holiday. Whether you're spending the occasion with truck loads of food or indulging in a solo Easter this year, make sure it's a relaxing couple of days.

This is just a quick little Easter post! All the photos shown are from my little sisters annual Easter fair (or Easter carnival if you like) which was held yesterday, Easter Saturday. I volunteered to help out with the arts and crafts stall, and we all had an absolute blast. The theme for our stall this year was "Recycled & Re-used" and the ideas that some of the students and mums came up with were so adorable. The materialized flowers (shown above and in a couple of photos below) are made by my beautiful talented mother, using left over patch work fabric for the petals and bamboo as the stems! Luckily I managed to persuade her into making an extra red polka dot one to put on my bed side dresser which is being admired every morning ;). From jars and glass bottles to scrap fabric and old book pages, everything was given a fresh new look and became something quirky and really unique. Other than a light sprinkle of rain here and there, the day really was a success.

 Wishing you all a safe and lovely Easter!