May 2, 2014

10 Things That I Smiled Over This Week ♥

Happy Friday everyone!
This week has been a bit of a whirlwind, and i've been running around like a headless chicken. None the less, It was also a very reflective week, so I decided to to a 10 things that I smiled about this week blog post.
It's been a while since i've done a post like this, and I think it's well overdue for one :)
These are ten things that made me happy this week!

one. My sister turned 12! What a happy little chappy she was, happiness was literally contagious on Monday the 28th :)
two. Okay guys, I've found the song that makes me feel completely and utterly infinite, like the tunnel song from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower did for Charlie, Sam, Patrick and anyone else who cried in that last scene. Its just, ugh, unexplainably perfect. Literally. If there's a song that ever i've recommended , this is the one that just needs to be played by everyone. It's called Big Black Car by Gregory Alen Isakov. Please just take the 3.37 minutes to admire this piece of art. Seriously, I can sit anywhere listening to this song and still grin an idiot :)
three. Extravagant hot chocolates, the kind with delicious creamy liquidy goodness and whipped cream carelessly sprayed on top. So, delicious :)
four. I don't really care much for the weather that accompanies the months of winter, but there are a few benefits to these chilly months that i've found. They are big, big, big, fluffy, soft, blankets to cuddle up to on the sofa with the fireplace on. mmm so warm and snuggly :)
five. Lately i've been going for walks early on in the mornings and if I'm not too disoriented with tiredness i'll go for a run along this gorgeous path that takes you on a short journey to either the sea or if you go in the other direction, a board walk over the creek. It really is a magnificent sight at seven am :)
six. Just recently I visited a university in Melbourne and while I was there, out of all places to find a fantastic cookbook, I discover the best book of recipes there ever was for baking. So far i've made a few decadent treats from this magical book, but my favourite is by far the Coconut and Cherry Muffins. I kid you not these are the best muffins my little stomach has ever come across. The secret recipe will be shared with you all very, very soon so stay tuned :)
seven. Lemon and mint water. It's fabulous :)
eight. Tweaking my bedroom and adding subtle decorations around the room, they've really lifted it up and created this extremely lightweight, calming place to be :)
nine. Long car trips. I love them, but lately it's been all I want to do. All you have to do is think about the present, what's happening in that exact moment, and with the right CD on, they've been incredibly invigorating for some brilliant unusual reason :)
ten. My hair is fairly long, thin, brown and curly. My hair has also been having the tendancy to fall out a hell of a lot (seriously, if I gave someone a hug they'll have one or two hairs of mine on their shoulder, sorry people who've recieved any hugs before last week ;) ) but, all is not lost head! I have discovered a miracle leave in conditioner that I rub through the ends and midlengths of my stubborn hair and voilah! Its stopped falling out so immensely! This hair product is called 'The Most' by a fairly new Australian brand called 'Make'. Love, love, love :)

What's made you happy this week?
Hope you're all good and well :)