May 5, 2014

Beauty Favorites Of All Time ♥

Finding the right products for our face and hair can be tricky, and everybody goes through the same process of finding them. Its takes ages, possibly even years of trial and error, second opinions, unruly breakouts and bad hair days, yet when you find "the product" its probably just as wonderful as finding "the one".

Throughout my experiences with skin care products, hair care serums and cosmetics, I've only very rarely loved a product enough to go back to it twice or more since I've got sensitive skin that tends to break out a hell of a lot. But, through all my searching, I have found those beauty products that just work and I will fall back on until some other magical products are uncovered.

So without further ado, here are all of the beauty products close to my heart.

In the above photo I have my favorite leave in conditioner/ mousse The Most by Make, Euphoria by Calvin Klein and Radiance boosting scrub by Garnier. All play a humongous role in my usual night routine and this particular perfume goes everywhere with me, it makes me feel like a princess (or at least smell like one). It's light fragrance reminds me so much of spring for some reason, it's not too floral either. It's subtly perfect.
As for Make's miracle mousse, the praise I can give it is soso immense I could probably rave on and on about it for an entire post. I use it once every four or so days straight after a shower and just spritz the mousse onto my hands then run it through the midlengths and ends of my towel dried hair. It makes it gorgeously shiny and soft, plus the packaging is so quirky. Basically one word, amazing. Then there's the Radiance Boosting Scrub, equally as fabulous as the leave in conditioner, and it smells incredibly zesty and citrus-y. This scrub has actually improved my breakouts so much, also redness around my T-zone has almost completely disappeared since using this product. I trust this scrub incredibly, since I no longer feel the need to wear foundation or tinted moisturizers to school and even work.

Lucas Pawpaw Ointment.
I love this, it's my favorite beauty item I've purchased yet. It makes my lips gorgeously soft and literally removes all the cracks within a few hours. Whenever I have a paper cut or any other kind of wound, it helps it heal faster and reduces the pain almost instantly as well. It's. Perfect.
This little zit zapper is also a huge helping hand in my everyday routine. It's called Rescue Me! by a company called Formula 10.0.6, this brand has really grown on me, this is by far my favorite product made by them though. I apply this after washing my face before going to bed, overnight it pretty much reduces redness and isn't as noticeable when tinted moisturizer is dabbed on top.
The Body Shop has released Moisture Foundation SPF15, I myself was a little late on the band wagon, but I eventually invested in a bottle and have not regretted it since. I heard great reviews on it and decided to join everyone in using this little beauty :) My shade is #04 and it looks so incredibly natural on.

My idea of perfect mascara is natural looking, full, long and defined eyelashes. And this mascara delivers on all those levels. I discovered this beauty early last year and have repurchased it countless times not only for myself, but also as gifts for a few friends and other people close to my heart. The Falsies Volum' Express Flared by Maybelline is the best mascara I've ever owned. :)

Eye Definer in the shade black by Face of Australia is my favorite eyeliner by far. Its creamy and glides on smoothly, the two aspects of an eyeliner that make it fabulous and a please to use.
 What are your all time beauty favorites?