May 11, 2014

♥ Mothers Day, Love and Bouquets ♥

Happy Mothers Day to all of the glorious mum's out there! I hope you've been spoiled rotten and hugged & kissed countless times by your loved ones.
Mothers day is such a fabulous holiday and makes that one Sunday of the year extra enjoyable, especially our beautiful mothers.

There are so many different lovely ways to celebrate this special occasion, whether its picnicking, going out for a coffee at her favorite cafe, or the annual family get together at her house, every mother was treated like a queen this mothers day. :)

One thing I noticed on my drive to see my wonderful grandmother through the Dandenong Mountains, was how popular flower vans must be. I couldn't believe how many there were! Within an hours worth of driving, I had seen 20 individual vans parked on the side of the road selling bunches of flowers, and all of them had at least two other cars parked next to them, usually there was about five! So, if any of you are considering selling some flowers on the street curb, Mothers Day is the time to be in business. ;)

Happy Mothers Day!