Since all of my exams are over (thank the lord!) for the next 6 months or so (oh, hopefully those months arrive as slowly as possible..) I have resulted to being extremely lazy and watching a tonne of things in a marathon-like-manner. I blame this partly on the crappy rainy weather and also on my 'after exam relief', haha.

I don't usually watch a great deal of television as the shows showed on air in Australia aren't as intriguing as the shows in the UK and US (other than House Rules, that has been my one t.v show I enjoy watching. If you haven't seen it, i'm just going to tell you now that it is sooooo addictive!), but thats just in my opinion. If I am going to watch a show i'll usually just whip out the computer and watch it on the internet and as for movies we go to the rental store down the road.

So I thought I would share what i've been entertained by for the past 5 days or so.

-About Time (2013): This two hour chick flick is my absolute favourite movie of all time right now. I cannot even begin to explain why. From the story line to the adorable accents of the characters of the characters, there is nothing to not love in this film.
-This Means War (2012): Two words,  outrageously funny.

T.V Shows:
-House Rules (2014): This is a fantastic australian reality show with a brilliant theme. To sum it up (the word couple may be used quite a lot in the next few sentences or so), 6 couples who all own houses take turns in renovating each others homes. The catch is, while theres 5 couples renovating the missing couples' home, they have to abide by the 5 house rules written down by the couple who owns the home. Also they only have 7 days to do a full home renovation. Talk about stressful!
-Gossip Girl (2007-12): It had been quite a few months since I had watched an episode of Gossip Girl, the last one was in December some time last year before I'd moved homes, until a few days ago. I wasn't planning on watching any but I saw a post that made me laugh on twitter from Gossip Girl, and that was how I again, became addicted.
-Puberty Blues (2012-present): This show is quite hilarious, and rather alluring as you watch a handful of Australian teens stumble their way through teen-hood.

YouTube Channels:
~Hello October (HelloOctoberxo): Suzie is certainly my favourite youtuber at the moment. Her videos are always so well done and perfectly edited :) she also has a blog, be sure to check them both out!
~Evelina (Evelina): This girl knows fashion, has enviable healthy hair and she's also a lovely person. Enough said :)
~Meghan Rienks (MeghanRosette): Meghan has the power to keep me entertained for hours on end, her videos are sooooo hilariously fantastic. Seriously, you need to give her channel a look.

What are you all watching at the moment?


Sometime last week I unfortunately ran out of face primer (insert sadness here) so i have instead been using a light moisturiser as a replacement -Olay, moisurising lotion for sensitive skin-. I have no idea if this is doing any good for my face and pores, my face is a wee bit oilier than usual, however the breakouts are at bay for the moment (touch wood) so it can't be too drastic. 


At the moment i've been listening to Sara Bareilles' new album on repeat probably for the past week or so. And surprisingly enough, i'm still not sick of it, it has such a smooth, half jazz, half sensible pop sound. I just love it. The Blessed Unrest is generally an all round source of relaxation and long drives basically. 


I've been going through yogurt very rapidly ever since one of my friends introduced me to blueberry greek yogurt. It is just so delicious. I have really been loving the Danone Raspberry and White Chocolate greek yogurt, although I can't really taste the white chocolate in it, it's still rather yum. A container just so happens to follow me to school for lunch and was my late night snack over the last weekend, they're just too irresistible.

This weekend's wanderings took me up a mountain with the little sister by my side. It was absolutely stunning weather, a real blessing (especially for winter) and the scenery was extremely photogenic along side it. Following a walking track (named the Screw Creek Nature Walk if you wanted to pop it into google),  we trekked for around an hour and a half absorbing the beautiful surroundings. I don't think I have been as relaxed as I was during that walk for a long, long time.

Other than getting back to nature for a couple of hours, I haven't really done much else.
A few bits and bobs were added to the blog, I now have an about me page, and a contact page beside it (hooray!) on R-A. The next few posts are also ready to go for the next couple of weeks (feeling super duper organised (: ) as well which is great.

Oh and I also went through more than a few coffees over the space of the past two days... Moccona Coffee with a hint of chocolate to be precise. It's fantastically addictive.

Hope you all had delightful weekends full of goodness and coffee :)


Hello there beautiful people,
With mid year exams on the horizon for us aussie high schoolers, keeping on top of everything work wise is a must in order to stay sane, especially in my case. I think.
I myself am a bit of an organisational freak and I am almost certain this trait is influenced by my schedule obsessed mum. She is the most organised human being in my life, and I will be quite suprised if someone else comes along and snatches this title up, since being at least one or two minutes late is absolutely acceptable these days, according to her. Well apparently it's terrible for my mum to commit such an offence ;)

Here a few ways i stay on top of absolutely everything:

  • Having a planner/diary. This little beauty has saved my tush soooo many times. It means I can stay organised and even if i am utterly forgetful of deadlines and events, i have them written down dates and all. This is truly my absolute secret to staying on top of everything, even when I seem inundated with work and assignments.
  • Being very much a list person, I take nots on everything that needs doing, even if i'm shopping I'll usually have some kind of handwritten list on me that i'll tell myself to follow. Even when I go on a holiday i'll have a checklist of everything needing to be packed and tick them off one by one as they are being placed into a suitcase.
  • As for blogging when I have some kind of idea I'll make a quick draft and have the idea as the title, that way when I have some spare time and i'm feeling inspired i'll go back and write it all up. I don't really plan when I blog, i guess this is just because I find it somewhere to be outrageously unorganised and i think creativity should just go with the flow.
How do you guys stay organised, or are you the more spontaneous kind?

Love you all immensely.