May Favourites

Jun 3, 2014

Hello there beautiful readers!
I cannot believe that winter has begun in australia! It literally feels like yesterday since it was Jamuary and we were bringing in the new year... I also feel like I say something similar in most of my posts actually haha.
This is my first May Favourites post, and I must admit I didn't have many exciting favourites this month, so please forgive the shortness of this post :)

First up we have the beauty favourites.
Lately Clean&Clear's essentials moisturiser has been playing a major role in my regular night routine.  It's a saviour since it hasn't made me break out, hallelujah! This little weapon is also super light to swipe on and doesn't leave any heavy residue like so many other moisturisers since there isn't any SPF protection, which is ideal for after dusk. The only little complaint i have with this product is its slight sunscreen/sorbelene scent, but i'm not too put off by this.
After hearing so many of you all having wonderful experiences with the Rimmel Wake Me Up liquid concealer I thought i'd give it a shot too, and now it goes everywhere with me! Rimmel have certainly nailed this one, even the shade, this one matches my skin tone very well.

For the fashion favourites of the month it would certainly have to be this white blouse with deep blue polka dots scattered over it. I found it on sale at target near the end of April but didn't start wearing it frequently until the colder weather kicked in for good, now it's one of my staple pieces :) It's an incredibly versatile and funky piece of clothing for sure.

My non- beauty favourites consist of shredded coconut and Nutella. As for nutrition levels it is certainly isn't up there with healthy snack choices, but on the odd occasion it has been my guilty little pleasure :)

And lastly the songs on repeat for the most part of May. These 6 tracks have certainly gotten me through the month with a bit of extra happiness:

  • Big Black Car - Gregory Alan Isokov
  • Just Askin' - Iggy Azalea
  • My Number - Foals
  • Simple Song - The Shins
  • Elevate - St Lucia
  • Is This How You Feel? - The Preature

What've been your May favourites?

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