Jun 5, 2014

My Organisational Ways

Hello there beautiful people,
With mid year exams on the horizon for us aussie high schoolers, keeping on top of everything work wise is a must in order to stay sane, especially in my case. I think.
I myself am a bit of an organisational freak and I am almost certain this trait is influenced by my schedule obsessed mum. She is the most organised human being in my life, and I will be quite suprised if someone else comes along and snatches this title up, since being at least one or two minutes late is absolutely acceptable these days, according to her. Well apparently it's terrible for my mum to commit such an offence ;)

Here a few ways i stay on top of absolutely everything:

  • Having a planner/diary. This little beauty has saved my tush soooo many times. It means I can stay organised and even if i am utterly forgetful of deadlines and events, i have them written down dates and all. This is truly my absolute secret to staying on top of everything, even when I seem inundated with work and assignments.
  • Being very much a list person, I take nots on everything that needs doing, even if i'm shopping I'll usually have some kind of handwritten list on me that i'll tell myself to follow. Even when I go on a holiday i'll have a checklist of everything needing to be packed and tick them off one by one as they are being placed into a suitcase.
  • As for blogging when I have some kind of idea I'll make a quick draft and have the idea as the title, that way when I have some spare time and i'm feeling inspired i'll go back and write it all up. I don't really plan when I blog, i guess this is just because I find it somewhere to be outrageously unorganised and i think creativity should just go with the flow.
How do you guys stay organised, or are you the more spontaneous kind?

Love you all immensely.