Jun 13, 2014

'The' Coat

This piece of secret weaponry (a.k.a: a life saver when it comes to outerwear and last minute outfits) is definitely one of my favourite coats i've ever owned and probably my most worn as well.

My obsession with the parka coat actually started with my grandmother funnily enough.  One time in particular she had organised a quaint little outing with a couple of my aunties and my cousins, basically a girls day out. I had forgotten to bring a jumper with me and it happened to be raining and a ridiculously cold day for the month of December in Melbourne, so my beautiful grandma lended me a spare coat she had in the boot of her little zippy car. That coat was, yes you guessed it, a parka.

To this day I still wear it heaps and it receives plenty of love. It's the sort of coat that one could throw on at any time of the day and not look strange at any point. I also really love the deep olive green colour most of them come in, it's such a lovely earthy tone that is never harsh on the eyes.

I like pairing my parka with a neutral top, either white, grey or a camel tone, along with light wash skinny's and some brown ankle boots. I find it easiest to style this coat in the colder months as it can easily tie in with scarves and gloves and all those warm fuzzy things without looking like too much of an eskimo.

If you're stuck for inspiration on styling this fabulous piece (or any other item in fact) have a look at street style. Pinterest usually has some great street style photos, and so do fashion blogs, they're great if i'm in need of some genius ways to wear certain pieces.

So what do you guys think of the parka? Hope you are all well!


P.s. even grandma's can have a good taste in parkas!
P.p.s. sorry I stole you coat grandma ;) let me know if you miss it too much! i love youu