Jun 15, 2014

This Weekend's Wanderings #1

This weekend's wanderings took me up a mountain with the little sister by my side. It was absolutely stunning weather, a real blessing (especially for winter) and the scenery was extremely photogenic along side it. Following a walking track (named the Screw Creek Nature Walk if you wanted to pop it into google),  we trekked for around an hour and a half absorbing the beautiful surroundings. I don't think I have been as relaxed as I was during that walk for a long, long time.

Other than getting back to nature for a couple of hours, I haven't really done much else.
A few bits and bobs were added to the blog, I now have an about me page, and a contact page beside it (hooray!) on R-A. The next few posts are also ready to go for the next couple of weeks (feeling super duper organised (: ) as well which is great.

Oh and I also went through more than a few coffees over the space of the past two days... Moccona Coffee with a hint of chocolate to be precise. It's fantastically addictive.

Hope you all had delightful weekends full of goodness and coffee :)