Jun 23, 2014



Sometime last week I unfortunately ran out of face primer (insert sadness here) so i have instead been using a light moisturiser as a replacement -Olay, moisurising lotion for sensitive skin-. I have no idea if this is doing any good for my face and pores, my face is a wee bit oilier than usual, however the breakouts are at bay for the moment (touch wood) so it can't be too drastic. 


At the moment i've been listening to Sara Bareilles' new album on repeat probably for the past week or so. And surprisingly enough, i'm still not sick of it, it has such a smooth, half jazz, half sensible pop sound. I just love it. The Blessed Unrest is generally an all round source of relaxation and long drives basically. 


I've been going through yogurt very rapidly ever since one of my friends introduced me to blueberry greek yogurt. It is just so delicious. I have really been loving the Danone Raspberry and White Chocolate greek yogurt, although I can't really taste the white chocolate in it, it's still rather yum. A container just so happens to follow me to school for lunch and was my late night snack over the last weekend, they're just too irresistible.