Jul 21, 2014

Summer This & Winter That ♥

One of the most annoying things about living in the Southern Hemisphere, when it comes to the world of blogging and other social media what-nots, is the polar opposite seasons.

As most of you may be aware of I am currently resided in Australia, but although I adore my country to absolute smithereens, different seasons to the Northern Hemisphere can be a quite irritating at times. This is simply because many of you live in the top half of the world and sometimes I feel really unsure whether I should blog things relating to where all of you are instead of posts relevant to Australia.

I've come to the conclusion that maybe this could be great thing, especially for winter dis-likers (not haters though because hating winter would be absolutely dreadful.) like me, since seeing all of you posting fantastic summer related videos and blog posts actually makes me feel a little bit better about the chilly months.

Here are a couple of positive points i've whipped up :)

//Prior Inspiration For Summer.

There are definitely some gorgeous trends that come out of the US and UK in summer, so it's wonderful to take some fashion and beauty advice before the heat hits here. This is especially so when you're wanting to save some pennies for a lovely pair of shoes or funky romper spotted online prior to getting the chance to wear them.

//Hearing About The Exotic Locations

Sunny Chile, the one and only Hawaii, beautiful Tahiti and so many other stunning places are all over the internet at this time of year. I adore reading blog posts reminiscing travels and beautiful summer vacations, for me it's strangely heartwarming. 

//The Winter Dreadful-ness Is Eased

In all honesty i am certainly not a winter person. Growing up with the sun in Queensland has probably got a great deal to do with this influence, but I just don't enjoy winter. at. all. Seeing summer things everywhere on the blogosphere makes it that much more bearable.

//All Of The Enviable Photos

This post has basically been me telling you all how much I love your  summer pictures and the happiness that they all bring me. I can't explain how badly I miss summer, and sun bearing photos make all the difference.