Jul 13, 2014

The Sunday Edit: Travelling & Coffees ♥

The most organic looking sugar pot.

The cakes are all homemade and deliciously beautiful.

Full to the brim with tea cosy's, cups and simplistic home wares.

The museum's barn made completely of natural materials.

Flying bicycles of Deni.

Hello all! I really hope you've had a wonderful week and an even better weekend to follow.

I felt like doing something a bit out of the ordinary with this post, so taking inspiration from Hello October, a Sunday Edit post seemed like a sensible choice.
Today my dad and I decided to take quite a long walk into the town of Deniliquin, where we'd ventured for work related stuff. Bracing ourselves for the cold, we ditched the brick walls of the hotel room in search of some much craved caffeine. I had about six layers of clothes on, it was so incredibly cold!
When we arrived at this little coffee shop called The Crossing Cafe, I really didn't want to leave it, it was unexplainably inviting. The staff were all lovely and the atmosphere was definitely warmer than outside, not to mention their mochas were sensational! As you may be able to tell in the photo above, the cafe has a few bicycles hanging for the tree right beside it, dad and I found it profoundly amusing. Definitely worth a photo or two.
Timber filled and carefully decorated this place is seriously a little slice of heaven itself.

Sitting cosily beside The Crossing Cafe was the town museum which showcased a peek of the history of Deniliquin. There was even buildings outside that were replicas of old barns. The whole exhibition was worth having a look at, especially with a fantastic cuppa in hand.