Jul 28, 2014

This Week I....♥

//Collected a whole bunch of birthday presents for my dearest friend.

One of my closest friends has her birthday flying around the corner at an incredible speed (August 5th to be exact) so gift shopping has certainly been a priority. During the past week-and-a-half-or-so I figured out just how difficult Emily is to buy for, oh my gosh. I think we all have at least one of those hard-to-buy-for friends, and boy when those gift seasons come around eventually its a stretch and a half just to come up with ideas. The photo above is a cheeky sneak peek :) p.s: if your wondering what the bejeebers "Jessica" has to do with this weekly occurrence its a teeny tiny inside joke that involves Em and this song which is a fairly odd one, haha.

//Felt photogenic.

Usually this isn't so, but lately i've been experiencing photo-addict-y needs (particularly this week though), strange right? I think taking a whole bunch of great pictures on the DSLR of the gorgeous landscape during my week away kicked me back into the spirit and just photography in general. P.s: Emily is the beautiful blonde on the left :)

//Have been divulging into the absolutely brilliantly written Becca's Fashion and Life.

This blog is one of my all time favourites. I have been scrolling through Becca's Fashion and Life ever since I began this little outlet of mine, which feels like forever. I frequent Becca's blog for its absolute individuality, quirkiness and that fabulous head of hair! 

//Bought a Full Bag of Malteasers.

This bag of goodness was wonderful to munch on, and even more wonderful when I opened it and to my delight it was full of actual Malteasers. That's right, not the usual half-air-and-half-food deal-eo, it was full to the brim. AND, it was only three dollars! #winning (sorry, not sorry) ;)

//Began a countdown for my permit test.

So homegirl is getting her L's and the countdown is now official since I even bought an app for it (it was free, but it still counts right?). Beware Australian drivers, I'm coming for y'all :)