Jul 6, 2014

What I've Learnt Along The Way ♡

Blogging is a wonderful thing. It allows people to have that extra unique creative outlet that is relatively easily accessible & fun for a whole bunch of readers and writers globally. But if one thing is for sure, it's that blogging also has the potential to become rather daunting & challenging at times, especially with so many fabulous blogs around us. It's easy to lose that sense of being completely individual, hell I know it happens to me at times. 

I've been the proud momma of Renee Alexis for around a year and a half and although I am no where near experienced in the world of blogging, I have picked up a few tips myself that I really feel the need to share with you all. So I have compiled my three main pieces of advice for myself, and maybe even you. But don't take my ramblings here as gospel, this is just what I've discovered for me and my little blog along the way. Discussion, as always, is welcomed with open arms :)

Blogging has certainly been one of those things that is build-able as time goes on. Like most things practice makes perfect (no more cliche's I promise, haha). I have had dozens of days where I wanted to write blogposts, but couldn't actually write a blogpost. This usually consists of staring at a blank word document for god knows how long which really isn't ideal. When I was new to the blogging scene it seemed easy enough, but then I lost sight of why I had a blog.  What was the purpose of it all? Asking myself this ultimately has pushed me back on track and I love it all now more than ever before. Renee Alexis is purely a space for me to share my ever-growing thoughts with the world, having a bunch of people wanting to read it all is truly mind-blowing and i'm so grateful and blessed to have you all support me. 

My first piece of advice is; don't count. That's right, don't worry about the digits associated with your blog. Pageviews, the number of followers your blog has, how many posts you've published, these all come in time and are perks of blogging. What matters is what you're posting and your love for it. These numbers shouldn't determine the way you're running your corner of the internet. Frankly, I did late last year, i'd constantly be watching all the numbers and for me it really blurred what I was actually writing on my blog.  My personal writing style & even the photos associated with Renee Alexis (which at the time was called Delicate In Pastel) didn't actually reflect me. Once I realised I wasn't enjoying myself like I used to I decided to step away from my blog for a while. When I returned a month & a half later it felt very different, in a fantastic way! Fresh minded and all, it seemed that starting a fresh new slate was sensible, this is when Renee Alexis as you know it was born. After both a blog name change and massive blog makeover, I felt truly ready to start blogging again, but the right way. My way. The lesson here was well & truly just be yourself, don't worry about how large your audience is, or what you think they want you to say. Blogging is like having a bundle of your personality on the internet, if you're you the audience will come in time simply because they appreciate this :)

Which brings me to my second point, individuality. This is what pulls people in, in the first place. Don't be afraid of having different opinions or style, hell even a different hair colour! These are the things that define our blogs, it's the foundation and it's beautiful in every way. Being slightly or even utterly unique is what creates that special touch to all of our blogs, even personalities too. The incredibly quirky & eccentric blogs are the ones that I frequent constantly and can recite off the top of my head. So be outrageously you! :)

And my third major lesson I have come across over the past 18 months or so is quality over quantity. So many of you say it, because, well it couldn't be truer (is that even a word..?) It's a lot more enjoyable to read a blog with with wonderful photos and written posts that are relatable who only post one a week or so compared to one that posts every day with average content similar to many others. The general rule of thumb is the more effort you put in, the more love you'll receive for it. Also, you will appreciate not only your blog immensely, but the effort fellow bloggers put into theirs. :)

Sorry about the essay-length post guys, but hopefully these tips may come in handy for you lovely people! Blogging brings with it such an enjoyable, supportive and fabulous community to be apart of, thank you again for involving me in it all.