Aug 14, 2014

Bad Beauty Habits

∆ Picking at spots, oh my gosh this is my worst habit by far and my skin hates me for it!
∆ Once even a little corner of my nail polish has chipped off I will pick it off, which is pretty bad for my poor little nail's health.
∆ Ripping the skin right next to my nails when a little bit is sticking up, note to self: picking at cuticles is really awful Renee and it hurts!
∆ Moisturising after having a shower, yep, I forget pretty much every time...
∆ Washing my hair every night, I know, it's terrible.
∆ Eyeshadow. Being a beauty blogger I should be able to do this and do it often, but I never wear it, like, ever.  Since I naturally have quite large round eyes (thanks mum), i never really feel the need to make them stand out more than they already do, especially when theres a couple of coats of mascara framing them. 
∆ Wearing lipstick only on rare occasions, this should definitely become a more regular appearance in my daily beauty regime, usually I stick to the trusty ole' paw paw ointment. 

Are you guilty of the same beauty sins or do you have other terrible habits?