Aug 28, 2014

Birthday Sheenanigans ♥

This week has been full to the brim of celebrations, here there and everywhere!
I turned sixteen last monday (hooray!) and got up to a whole bunch of things, so why not share some snaps with you guys? :)

I think sixteen is one of those ages we all aspired to be when we were younger at some point. It's the age of becoming, well at least the type of becoming that happens before the eighteenth birthday! It's the age where decisions in your life start to get the ball rolling into life changing outcomes, such as career paths and coming down the home stretch of remaining high schooling years. In one word, it's exciting.

I made quite a point to take photos throughout the week of all the achievements and happenings that occurred in the duration of sixteenth birthday related stuff.

Hope your week has had an abundance of positive vibes so far, if not fear not, tomorrow's Friday! :)