Aug 21, 2014

The Booklist ♥

Ah books, lovely books. Theres so many. So, so, so many.
I think a booklist is much, much needed and after weeks (not even kidding..) of narrowing down my all time favourite reads, i'm putting the spotlight on four novels.
I can promise you with profound certainty that this wasn't easy. My love for books has blossomed ever since I was practically born, having my dad read me stories every night before bedtime up until the age of probably twelve or so. Dad is still today the best story narrator I know, haha.
So here it goes (in no particular order), my favourite books that i've ever laid eyes on.

//Looking For Alaska ~ John Green (2005):
I'm expecting that most of you would have heard of Looking For Alaska at sometime or another. Definitely my favourite John Green read so far and left me thinking about it long after i'd read the last page.  A unique story and an even more unique structure (especially chapter wise), Looking for Alaska is undoubtedly unforgettable.
//They're a Weird Mob ~ John O'Grady (1957):
This list would never be truly completed without some kind of mentioning of They're a Weird Mob, and for good reason too! 1. It's hilarious 2. There's nothing quite like it and 3. It's a complete and utter reflection of Australia, its even relevant to us all now. Written from the perspective of an Italian immigrant in the early 1950's ish who hasn't a clue on Australians and has fantastic English skills, this book even has a happy ending (for once!). The protagonist struggles to fit in and learn the lingo that is Australian.
One thing I'd like to confess is how much even simple gestures of kindness mentioned in this novel have made me more aware of the way Australians go about their day, even the subtlest of things. They all make me smile when I realise how often we skip over these in every day lives here Down Under. From someone else's point of view us Australians must look incredibly peculiar, haha! This book sums up Australia in a nutshell beautifully.
//Let It Snow ~ Maureen Johnson, John Green & Lauren Myracle (2013):
Such a funny story. The plot jumps around everywhere and takes you from "oh this seems like a regular go happy story" to "what the hell just happened in the last two paragraphs". It's basically life changing and the three included stories all crossover somewhat, you should really read it. The first part/ story is my absolutely favourite! Enough said :)
//Eleanor & Park ~ Rainbow Rowell (2013):
It starts off rather slowly then plunges deep into a ridiculously addictive storyline. Eleanor & Park was so hard to put down. I really want to emphasise the fact that this book is so rich and full of life. It's completely different to anything i've ever read. If you've experienced the kind of love only your first will give you, the kind of love that squeezes you from the inside when you're apart, Eleanor and Park will tear you limb from limb, dayum those feels. 

What are some of your favourite books of all time?