Aug 10, 2014

The Self Titled Siblings

Yes, of course, it's none other than the beautiful Angus and Julia Stone.
After a handful of years, the siblings have once again taken over the music world, alternative especially. This record has been long, awaited.
It's been a while since these guys released an album together again, due to parting ways after their third album together and releasing a few solo albums between themselves.

Now if you don't know much about these guys, basically they burst onto the music scene with their debut song 'Big Jet Plane' in 2010 which I still consider one of their golden tracks. What's even better about the Stone's is that they're Australian born and raised.

Anyways, enough of the backstory stuff and onto the real topic we're discussing today, Angus & Julia Stone's latest album. From the beautiful covers (the one showed above is the deluxe version) to the first song, first impressions were definitely positive. These two have such a humble and subtly empowering sound about them, as they always have, it's hard not to be blown away.

Choosing my favourite song has involved the most thinking all day (yeah, you could say my day was on par with the most relaxing day ever experienced) and I've managed to narrow it down to three. The first being Get Home followed closely by Little Whiskey and All This Love. The Australian brother-sister duo have definitely set the bar high for themselves, a great album has again been produced.

The only complaint I would have is that it is so unlike their previous three albums they've released. I'm just going to guess that's because it wasn't self produced like the others, this album was produced by the same person who worked his magic on the likes of Ed Sheeran, Lana Del Rey, Adele, U2 and so many more well known names. Rick Rubin (the producer behind the magic) has added a little bit of a kick to the duo's usual sound, which is let's just say different. I still adore it to pieces though, it's a step in the right direction once again.

In a final word i'm forever enchanted by Angus and Julia.