Aug 18, 2014

Wear Life Eats ♥

Hello all!
Hope you're well, sorry this post is a day late, but i've been super busy with life and what-not and have been virtually wi-fi less for the past 4 days or so.


This item probably should've belonged on previous Wear Life Eats posts but I seemed to have skipped over them somehow (incredibly...). It's my beloved brown leather ankle boots, which have been the go to shoe whenever I leave the walls of my house for the past 4 months or so. These particular boots were accidentally discovered in a local shoe shop in Wonthaggi, which was a blessing in disguise because a solid two weeks worth of rain hit our town a couple of days afterwards. These beauties have replaced my usual nude shaded flats with style, if I may say so myself and ever since i've forgotten about every other shoe in the closet. The only thing I ditch them for are slippers and Nike's which is quite a complement for heel-less ankle boots.


Its my birthday right now as we speak (its the 18 of August incase you were oblivious to the date;) ) so i guess i'm allowed to classify that under life, haha. So far my day has been really lovely, and being a Monday I had to go to school (sad face) but everyone was so beautifully kind and wished me a happy birthday which, I must admit, was quite nice (sad face is no more). However i'm really looking forward to going for my driving permit on Wednesday (I booked it about 3 months in advance, yeah I didn't know what the word 'wait' was I suppose), so wish me luck!


Last weekend while I was away my mum visited one of the local farmers markets in the area and returned home with a bag of fresh salted cinnamon popcorn (it tastes a lot better than it sounds, trust me on this).  It's safe to say i'm forever converted to this munch-able sweet. Even right now i have a teeny tiny bowl next to me writing this :) if you spot this popcorn anywhere, i promise you'll have no regrets in taking a few bags home.