Sep 4, 2014

Fragrances For The Faint Hearted ♥

The Three Killer Scents.
These stellar perfumes are my go to's at the moment, and boy do i adore them.
I'm the kind of person who will be the first to get a good ole' pain inducing brain ache if inside a small space filled with strong fragrances. Yes, i'm the annoying one who will probably roll down a window or two if you get into my car with more than 10 assorted scents on. I have never been -and probably never will be- the strong perfume loving gal.
This is undoubtedly is the reason for every perfume I own being sweet, simple and subtle, which is exactly the way I try to present myself.

//Princess ~ Vera Wang

This beauty was gifted to me last Christmas, and has such sentimental value entwined in the scent, which is gorgeous by the way (my absolute favourite out of all of these may I just add, it's my signature scent, haha). This Vera Wang miracle is what every single one of my scarves, pillows and coats smell like, it's definitely become a subconscious thing to just spray some on without putting any sign of thought into it.
Top: Water lily, freshly-sweet mandarin & apricot.
Heart: Exotic guava, Tiare flower, tuberose, with a touch of dark chocolate.
Base: Vanilla, amber and wood.

//Daisy ~ Marc Jacobs

This perfume I find lingers the longest, but in the nicest way possible. Daisy is refreshingly feminine and the only way to describe it's initial and gradual build of scent is floral. It's the sort of thing i'll save for a night out or a special occasion. The bottle is adorable as well! Definitely one to display on the vanity ladies. Daisy is the kind of perfume that never gets old and is sweet and inoffensive at the same time which is elegant and just right. 
Top: Strawberry, intensive green aroma of violet leaf & pink grapefruit.
Heart: Gardenia, delicate violet & jasmine petals.
Base: White woods, vanilla & musk.

//Dot ~ Marc Jacobs

Dot is the most intense out of the three by far. To be perfectly honest, the bottle really drew me in at first. I came across it a handful of weeks after its Australian release in Myer, and couldnt resist picking it up and spraying a couple of pumps onto a sample card that matched (I tend to over do the whole sample card thing when in fragrance selling places, but hey, at least my handbag smells fantastic). I ended up walking out of the store with two bottles, one for a friend's birthday gift and one for myself. This perfume is most certainly a summer fragrance and over doing it is very easily accomplished, so spray carefully if your senses -like mine- can't handle an overly full on aroma.
Top: Red berries & dragon fruit.
Heart: Honeysuckle, jasmine & orange blossom.
Base: Coconut water, vanilla, driftwood & sensual musk.

What's your trademark perfume?