Nov 23, 2014

The Sunday Road Trip ☀

Destination: Cowes, Phillip Island.Date&Time: 23rd Nov 14, 11.00-16.00Distance: >50kmWeather: Sunny, w/ high of 20ºc ☀

This week's Sunday has come and gone, literally like the wind. Holy moly.

It's just been one of those spontaneous days. Originally we were planning a "hey, lets sit in bed and relax" kind of Sunday, but after we actually got out of bed at a reasonable hour and had given the car a much needed bath, we decided to take it and the camera out somewhere a little different to our usual places. And thank God we did, it was too nice of a day to waste indoors!

Location wise, Cowes is a lively coastal town situated on the outermost part of Phillip Island (about 2.5 hours out of Melbourne), and opposed to it's unusual name, there are hardly any, if not no cows in this little seaside retreat. But there is charm, and it's absolutely everywhere. Today there was an abundance of people, which was great to see, places like Cowes often don't get the recognition they deserve. Definitely a fantastic beach side town in Victoria with some of the best vibes, live music and the ice-cream is too delicious to handle.

Where have you adventured to lately?