Dec 3, 2014

Life .

Just Catching My Breath For A Moment.
Here are a few quick things that're occurring on my side of the world. Holy Moly, December has been one hell of a month. Definitely one of the busiest yet!

Exams are finished for the year, finito, done. I can't even explain the happiness thats flowing through me right now. Note to self, exams truly are a force to be reckoned with and will suck the life out of you and your sleeping regime. This year has flown so quickly, and i know i've said this waaay too many times this year, but it really does feel like January was yesterday. However this year has been a whole lot of hard work and painfully long hours. An eight week break is much, much in need.

Relatives from sunny Perth are coming down for Christmas this year, woo! My Aunt and her husband welcomed their second little man into the world earlier this year and since Perth is so far away we haven't had the chance to meet him. Expect photos of both of the little bundles of happiness on the blog some time or another.

Kris Kringle is actually going to be a thing within my friendship group this year. It's been too long since such a thing has happened! Theres no better way to share gifts with friends, seriously, if anyone tells you other wise they're wrong or they've never experienced the joy of kris kringle.

Christmas is sheer weeks away, again! This time of year is beautifully chaotic, i love it more than i probably should actually. I really like christmas crowds and traffic... That's got to be really weird, right?

Whats been happening in your lives guys?