Our Little Home-ee Adventure.
Hello, hello! I've just recently arrived back home from a trip to Hay, N.S.W and have a little something to share, that I worked on while under the town's sunny influence.
Competition Of The Daisies.
Good Evening fellow Australians, and good afternoon/evening to the rest of you all in your part of the world! The other week I was lucky enough to get my hands on Daisy's spin off of the range, Dream (and it was half price too, what a brilliant little find!). I am a humungous fan of the original and I take it practically everywhere with me, so I thought it would be worthwhile giving Daisy's younger sibling a try. I wasn't disappointed, too.

You've Got Mail!
Hello, hello!
I came home to a very, very exciting parcel sitting on the kitchen table recently, posted all the way from the United Kingdom! After being partnered with a truly delightful blogger from the U.K, the two of us were given a rather mysterious mission: to source and send a secret package to one another. 

Melbourne: Featuring Three Of The Newest Musketeers.
Myself and two other brilliant beings awoke at the very, very early hours of the morning (probably too early for a Monday, and a Monday off at that!) and set off to the worlds most liveable city. One of the reasons behind the adventure was a very exciting PR mission that I'll explain a little later in the month. The entire day was nothing less than splendid and the typical Melbournian fog and gloom held off from dawn to the early hours of dusk. To say we had a blessing of a day would be a very, very big understatement.

Secret Smile Tactics.
It's no secret that when someone else smiles the instant reaction is to return a grin. It's in our nature blood and habits, and what a great habit it is. Smiling is bleedingly contagious, but in the most wonderful way. Often our own happiness is affected by our surroundings, if you're in a happy atmosphere you're most likely going to feel joyful, too.

The: Oh hey, I'm Renée, Not Quite Sure If You Remember Me? Situation. 
Why hello there, and I cannot believe it's happened again. I am so very sorry for my lack of blog and social media presence, it's been an insane amount of time since there's been a proper post up from mwa. Geez, an embarrassing length of time, really. And I pinky swear that R.A was not forgotten, every instance I had time to write a little something, I was either inundated with homework the particular night I was planning on writing or at work, grr. How've you all been, I can't believe Easter has come and gone already, what even..? 
A Film - Jan to Mar 2 0 1 5.
Caught On Film.
It's fairly safe to say that I am immensely proud of this little film of mine. It features a bunch of people I love and adore and captures memories and minor details that my little brain would most likely otherwise forget over time. After all, it's those special minor details that are often the most underrated aspects of our lives. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed being behind the scenes of it all.

The Farm.
Good morning/evening/afternoon, whichever applies to the beautiful part of the world you are right now. For this Sunday Edit, I felt like just sitting down, and telling you all something a little more personal than the usual stories, so that is what I shall do, haha. 

The City Of Melbourne.
After being blessed with a fantastic forecast of weather, I embarked on a weekend long adventure into the concrete jungle that is Melbourne, Australia. Accompanied by a couple of friends and the Canon 600D, I managed to somehow end up with five hundred and something photos so in short, I had a blast of a time. Here's a handful that are certainly the pick of the bunch. Hope you're all well!  


After Thirty Four Days Of Being M.I.A..
Oh hi there! I'm Renee, not sure if you remember me? It's been quite some time, geez okay so it's been a while since i've posted on the blog (34 Days to be perfectly honest). Where did I disappear to/ hide/run away? Strangely no where in particular, I've been at home but I've been absurdly busy. So I thought I'd let you all in on what's been happening..

Destination: Hay, N.S.W .Date&Time: 10th-17th Jan 15, mini holidayDistance: >600kmWeather: Sunny, w/ high of 29ºc ☀