☁ A Slice Of Heaven (Or The Desk) ☁

Jan 9, 2015

The Work (Or Not So Much) Space.
In this trio of photos what you'll most likely notice is that my desk is surrounded by greenery, cacti and flowers, thick paged magazines, unlit tea light candles, sunlight and a blue pineapple which as all my friends know, I adore to smithereens.

What you probably wont physically notice is the immense help this little desk in all its meter of length has provided me with. My blog posts would probably be a whole new kind of terrible if it weren't for this little piece of wooden goodness. The same goes for those ridiculously long essays, and other homework needing thought and some sort of imagination. Its such a lovely place to focus and get down to business with.

This little post is basically dedicated to desk appreciation, how much do you rely on your desk at home?

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