Feb 21, 2015

A Quick Catch Up.

After Thirty Four Days Of Being M.I.A..
Oh hi there! I'm Renee, not sure if you remember me? It's been quite some time, geez okay so it's been a while since i've posted on the blog (34 Days to be perfectly honest). Where did I disappear to/ hide/run away? Strangely no where in particular, I've been at home but I've been absurdly busy. So I thought I'd let you all in on what's been happening..

I started year eleven, and what a sigh of relief this one is. Less than two years left, damn, they're magical words. Not that I don't appreciate or enjoy school, I just feel like I've reached that stage of; "holy moly, actual real, independent life is literally months away," nostalgia, you know? Anyways, I feel like this year is going to be one jam packed full of goodness and hard work.

Work. The majority of my time during the summer break was spent working my little tush off at one of the local stores in the area. All is well though, I'm currently saving super duper hard-core-ly (lets make a petition to have this become and actual word, haha) for a little first car. The aim is to have some wheels by sometime in the earlier months of next year..!

I took some time off to visit family up in the Yarra Ranges. I absolutely love everything about the area, it's definitely safe to say that Renée is certainly a tree person when it comes to scenery. Even the smell you experience just sitting on the balcony looking at the breathtaking views in the early hours of the day is gorgeously fresh. I could get used to a view like that on a daily basis way too easily... It was great to see everyone again, my sister and I hadn't seen anyone since November so Christmas gifts were even exchanged between us all! I also have some great photos and footage to share with you all, they should be up either on Vimeo or the blog within the next few weeks.

I've become a coffee addict. Good lord, this is the most terribly wonderful revelation. I'm practically in love with the stuff. agh. Mochas are still where it's at though, in all honesty, you just can't beat them.

Two months with bae. Yes, ahuh thats right, little old Renee has a boyfriend (holy moly, such things are capable of happening!). Without going into too much detail, things are wonderful, he's wonderful, we're wonderful, it's just beautifully simplisic and down to earth. It's just great.

That's pretty much it from my end. I feel incredibly left out of the loop in the world of blogging right now. I logged into Bloglovin' for the first time in about a month and had more than 1K worth of unread blog posts from the wonderful bloggers I follow. What a shock, haha. 

Anyways, what's been happening in everyone else's lives at the moment?