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Apr 2, 2015

The Six +.
Prior to my hell of a large iPhone 6 Plus, I was the proud owner of a white iPhone 4 which was an incredibly kind hand-me-down from my aunty. Last week my trusty ole' 4 decided to begin having panic attacks, so much so that waking it up and unlocking it had become an issue. So I thought, "well, what the heck, go hard or go home, right?" and that was how I became the owner of a brand spankin' gold 6 Plus. 

I was expecting to be hit by waves of regret considering its overall length and size, but surprisingly I have not one ounce of regretful emotions towards the huge device yet, which is probably a great thing. The day I introduced it to my friends they were astounded by the fact that its almost legitimately larger than my face itself, which is rather amusing, haha. It's the perfect camera-like size which makes it great to hold (especially when taking landscape framed pictures) and photos on it are simply gorgeous.
One downside however is, due to its size, fitting this thing into my purses has become a bit of a struggle and since i'm a purse carrying gal opposed to one who sports a handbag, this has become quite a burden. But other than that minor flaw I'm enjoying seeing larger and clearer, so yes sir, go hard or go home, indeed. 


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