Apr 5, 2015

The Sunday Edit: Home Away From Home

The Farm.
Good morning/evening/afternoon, whichever applies to the beautiful part of the world you are right now. For this Sunday Edit, I felt like just sitting down, and telling you all something a little more personal than the usual stories, so that is what I shall do, haha. 

Something that not many people know about myself is that a few dozen kilometres from the house in which I reside is a little farm owned by my grandparents on which everyone loves to potter around on. These ten or so acres of abundance and fruit trees is my little getaway, and the only one of its kind at that. This time of year is the absolute best to seek refuge for a few hours or so since all of the beautifully rich autumnal oranges and yellows are on full display. Usually I'll drive down there sporting a very attractive pair of black gumboots and collect a dozen or so eggs from our lively bunch of chickens. Then i'll venture to the back of the shed, where we harvest an array of fruit and vegetables and grab some fresh lettuce to feed the 8 rabbits we house (feeding the rabbits as a child was always the catch that enticed me to visit the farm, and it's still quite an enjoyable part of the visit today, haha). If the weather's great i'll sit in my car boot (or trunk if you prefer) with it open and draw some petite sketches of the scenery around me. If there's one way I had to choose to relax for the rest of my existence it would be this exact regime, it truly is a blissful way to wind down and reflect on the day and other occurrences in life. 

Its also the time when my grandfather makes his wine, then stores it for around five years (it's quite a process, I tell you what). 

While walking around Nonno was bragging very proudly about there being 6 different varieties of apples alone on the property, they're all really scrumptious as well... So today I decided to take the camera and follow my beautiful Italian Grandfather around our farm for a few hours, here's what the photos resulted in. 

Happy Easter too!