Secret Smile Tactics.
It's no secret that when someone else smiles the instant reaction is to return a grin. It's in our nature blood and habits, and what a great habit it is. Smiling is bleedingly contagious, but in the most wonderful way. Often our own happiness is affected by our surroundings, if you're in a happy atmosphere you're most likely going to feel joyful, too.

The: Oh hey, I'm Renée, Not Quite Sure If You Remember Me? Situation. 
Why hello there, and I cannot believe it's happened again. I am so very sorry for my lack of blog and social media presence, it's been an insane amount of time since there's been a proper post up from mwa. Geez, an embarrassing length of time, really. And I pinky swear that R.A was not forgotten, every instance I had time to write a little something, I was either inundated with homework the particular night I was planning on writing or at work, grr. How've you all been, I can't believe Easter has come and gone already, what even..?