May 30, 2015

How To: Make Someone's Day

Secret Smile Tactics.
It's no secret that when someone else smiles the instant reaction is to return a grin. It's in our nature blood and habits, and what a great habit it is. Smiling is bleedingly contagious, but in the most wonderful way. Often our own happiness is affected by our surroundings, if you're in a happy atmosphere you're most likely going to feel joyful, too.

Spreading The Love.
//Give an honest compliment || If you're thinking to yourself "geez, Susies's hair looks absolutely flawless today!" why not tell her out loud in person? Trust me she'll appreciate it and it's as sincere as possible.

//Tell a joke-no matter how terrible it may be || It'll make anyone laugh anyway, I myself am a sucker for terrible jokes.

//Write a letter to someone close to you || Yes- snail mail still exists and its even more meaningful than ever due to it's rarity. Handwritten letters are a guaranteed way to make anyone's day brighter.

//Pay for the person behind you in the coffee shop || This is such a generous gesture, especially if you've never met them before or haven't seen them in eons! Coffee and hot drinks have the ability to make anyones day by themselves, too.

//Pick a bunch of flowers from home for a good friend || Sure, it's lovely to receive flowers, but flowers from home just make the gesture so much more personal. Also, sometimes even the best of friends need some unexpected loving, even though you're fully aware that they already know how much you love them.

//Ask for someones opinion || They won't mind at all and it will even make them feel valuable, too.

//Be extra appreciative || Something as simple as someone holding the door for you is kind, show them that you really do appreciate the act by emphasising your thanks.

//Invite someone for tea || Because the best way to catch up on life is always with tea, a couch and a friend.

Remember that the smallest and simplest of gestures have massive effects.