Jun 18, 2015

Our Melbourne Trip: A Visual Journal

Melbourne: Featuring Three Of The Newest Musketeers.
Myself and two other brilliant beings awoke at the very, very early hours of the morning (probably too early for a Monday, and a Monday off at that!) and set off to the worlds most liveable city. One of the reasons behind the adventure was a very exciting PR mission that I'll explain a little later in the month. The entire day was nothing less than splendid and the typical Melbournian fog and gloom held off from dawn to the early hours of dusk. To say we had a blessing of a day would be a very, very big understatement.

Time // 07.13
Taken // On my walk to the bus stop from home, the road in the centre of the photograph is my driveway.

Time // 07.41
Taken // On the abandoned bus, on the way to the first stop I was the only passenger on board. However the ocean views made for great company.

Time // 11.37
Taken // Little Bourke St. with the Asian arches marking the entrance into Melbourne's ChinaTown.

Time // 11.40
Taken // Still on Little Bourke St. well within the vicinity of ChinaTown, at the time this picture was taken the three of us were on an intent mission to hunt down some Wagashi for one of our friends back home. She begged us to bring a packet home with us the day before.

Time // 13.05
Taken // In South bank, the number of restaurants down the promenade was absolutely mind blowing.

Time // 13.08
Taken // Just before we got a family pass for the three of us young-ns and shot up the Eureka Skydeck's Elevator to the phenomenon views above.

Time // 13.22
Taken // On the Eighty Eighth floor of the Eureka Skydeck, very sneakily may I just add, with the delightful being known as Jacob to the left of the photograph.

Time // 13.34
Taken // With both of the accomplices in shot, Kimberley being in the foreground to the left and Jacob further along. It was at this point that we eventually gained our centre of gravity and could properly stand.

Time // 14.05
Taken // On the steps of Federation Square, situated well away from the hundreds of others on the other side of the steps watching live entertainment. Kimberley had purchased maybe one too many churros, but the trio of us soldiered through them, although I don't think any of us will bat an eyelid at another spanish donut for quite some time.