Oct 7, 2015

The Houses Of Hay

Our Little Home-ee Adventure.
Hello, hello! I've just recently arrived back home from a trip to Hay, N.S.W and have a little something to share, that I worked on while under the town's sunny influence.
Having been to Hay a handful of times before this particular trip, I've come to notice what a quirky little place it is. Something I hadn't taken much notice of before, however, was the quaint cottages scattered across the town. On our most recent visit, for some reason, I realised how different they were compared to the typical home back home beside the sea. It also occurred to me that they're also quite similar to the other homes in and around Hay, they all have this really funky 70's retro look about them. So, naturally, I wandered around their streets (I probably looked a bit silly doing so with the camera in hand, haha) and took a couple of photos of a handful of said homes. Here's how they turned out.