Feb 3, 2016

Back To Normality / School

So, It's Been A While...
It's currently 2.17pm on February 3rd, 2016 and i'm currently in bed (cheeky, I know!).
It's been approximately 121 days since my last blog post. Within that time I am guilty of refreshing my blog a couple of times per month to see if there's a new piece of writing up on my website, then coming to the realisation that I'm actually the one in charge of making that happen.. This basically demonstrates how bonkers i've become in the space of not blogging.. Anywhoo, this is my first post of 2016, so if you haven't already been blessed enough with the traditional human "Happy New Year" saying, I must contribute mine. I really do hope that this year is a special one for you all.

Scarily enough, this year is my very last at school. I'm still finding it a bit difficult to come to terms with this fact, but I'm equally as excited to stop sitting exams! My timetable has been released and I think I've chosen a nice selection of subjects to finish off secondary school with. The subjects I'm taking are Visual Communication, Media, Literature, English and Further Mathematics with a few study units popped in among the mix.

I'm so sad that holidays are over, especially since I am fully aware of how intense the year ahead of me is going to be, but I think I spent them well. Last week I made a few trips to Melbourne with Mum and our gigantic umbrella (which we didn't have the chance to use) and my sister and I took a much deserved road trip to see Dad up in Hay. I also caught up with my friends from where I used to live in Melbourne, it was so refreshing to see them all and it's been about 3 years since I saw them all last (the photo above is with Dalal (right) and it's one of my favourite pictures of all times)! We went shopping a few times, I worked a lot and basically gave myself time to do nothing (which was so nice, after a jam packed Year 11).

There's a couple of really exciting things coming up this month for me; next week I'm off to Melbourne for the week, to have a look at all of the Universities on offer over there. That weekend my second cousin is getting married (I love weddings entirely). Then I'm whizzing over to the city again for the weekend afterwards with Jacob and another couple to see Rob Thomas live and luckily enough Melbourne is hosting it's annual 'White Night' the exact same evening so we'll wander around there for a bit too.

Somewhere amongst this month's madness, I'll pop some nice photos of these things up on here.

I'm so keen for this year and in some respects, the next few one's to follow even more so. These are very, very exciting times for my 'not quite adult yet' self (becoming some sort of adult-like thing with adult-like responsibilities is this year, too.. geez.).
Let's just get through 2016 and do it well, first.