5 Abundantly Underrated Everyday Things

Jun 19, 2016

5 Seriously Under-Rated Everyday Notions.
Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, whichever's relevant to the beautiful part of the world you're in today. This morning I was sat outside in the sun on my fathers beautiful wooden deck, and I had an epiphany, then three or so more. Lately I've been trying to cope with a mild (but evident) case of bloggers block. But this simple, everyday act of lying in the sun got me thinking about things I'd love to share with you guys. Soon enough I was bolting inside to find the nearest notepad and pen. Five ideas later I was sat back in the Sun's rays feeling rather pleased with myself. So if you're struggling with a case of the common "loss of words and all possible blog post ideas", I'd definitely recommend getting a small dose of the au-naturale Vitamin D.

Today, i'm writing about something rather extra-ordinary compared to my usual Sunday Edit. I thought, instead, that I'd conjure up a list of ten everyday occurances that make us feel good, but we often forget to really, properly, acknowledge. 

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