Jun 19, 2016

5 Abundantly Underrated Everyday Things

5 Seriously Under-Rated Everyday Notions.
Good morning/ afternoon/ evening, whichever's relevant to the beautiful part of the world you're in today. This morning I was sat outside in the sun on my fathers beautiful wooden deck, and I had an epiphany, then three or so more. Lately I've been trying to cope with a mild (but evident) case of bloggers block. But this simple, everyday act of lying in the sun got me thinking about things I'd love to share with you guys. Soon enough I was bolting inside to find the nearest notepad and pen. Five ideas later I was sat back in the Sun's rays feeling rather pleased with myself. So if you're struggling with a case of the common "loss of words and all possible blog post ideas", I'd definitely recommend getting a small dose of the au-naturale Vitamin D.

Today, i'm writing about something rather extra-ordinary compared to my usual Sunday Edit. I thought, instead, that I'd conjure up a list of ten everyday occurances that make us feel good, but we often forget to really, properly, acknowledge. 

//A Beautiful View.
I've always loved a good view. Give me any sort of scenic view and I will practically be sold and walk away feeling refreshed, ready for the next one. I am that annoying tourist who will want to pull over at any random point to get a decent photo of mountains or a sunset positioned perfectly above the ocean. It's an important part of life, and although you can see similar things on National Geographic, why wouldn't you want to see it live, right before your eyes?

//When someone doesn't even have to ask how you have your coffee/ tea, they just know. 
This is honestly something that I know makes my day, no matter how small an act it may seem. It's a really thoughtful way of saying "hey, I know you well enough to make you a beverage all on my own" without saying or asking about it. I can guarantee that almost everyone you know will appreciate it 110%, even if they don't acknowledge it (the ones who don't appreciate it are the few people who don't like either, which you'll also know, haha).

//Leaving a handwritten note opposed to a text message.
Nothing beats a good ole' scribble on the back of a used envelope (it's been sitting on the kitchen table since you can remember). If you can, opt for this tech-less way of communication. It's romantic and a tad more personal than a text.

//A Familiar Smell.
Picture this: you haven’t been home in quite a long time. You open the front door to the smell of familiarity in the air, mum's favourite Ecoya soy melt is slowly burning on the kitchen bench. As you walk through the front door and further into the house, more familiar smells consume your senses - especially the smell of hot coffee.  Goodness, it feels good to be home…

//Reminiscing About Old Times with Your Closest Friends.
Sometimes the best moments in life involve reminiscing great moments alongside friends. It's almost as if the emotions we felt at the time are emphasised. What may've seemed absolutely devastating at the time is now completely laughable. These instances are incredible -  there is just something so exhilarating about trying to catch your breath from the invertible uncontrollable 'Hyena' laughter as you and your friends finish each others sentences while recalling a story from the past. There is no simple pleasure more satisfying than recounting the greatest moments of your life with your closest friends who lived these moments alongside you.

Until next time!