A Quick Queensland Trip.
It's that time of year again - time to migrate North with my sister to be closer to the sun and live out that classic Australian Summer dream. One filled with sunburnt beach trips, pool dips, floppy hats and interesting tan line collections (with the newest addition being my Saltwater Sandal tan).

I also wanted to mention that 2018 will be the year of my return to the blogging world. To further instil this commitment, we officially have a ".com" domain, hooray! The year of 2018 marks our 5th blog-iversary, so it seemed fitting (and about time) that I got my butt into gear and sorted out a proper domain name. RA is officially all grown up, aw!
A Matter of Age.
Last week I completely devoured Lily Collins' autobiography, 'Unfiltered' on the two hour flight from Melbourne to Brisbane. In fact, I very nearly finished the whole thing on the plane - it was that captivating. Lily brings up a number of topics that anyone can relate to and empathise with - all of which are extremely relevant to young adults in this point of time. She discusses a spectrum of challenges we face as youth - from toxic relationships to discovering a sense of self acceptance - the talking point that's really stuck with me though, is that of age.