Frequently Asked Questions.
What camera do you use?
I use the Canon 600D for all of my photos that are scattered across R.A. The lens that's used is the EF-S 18-35mm IF kit lens. 

What are your favourite blogs to read?
I can honestly say that I am a genuine fan of all of the blogs that I follow on bloglovin', stalking the following section of my profile would be the easiest way to check them all out. However, at the moment my two absolute favourites are Becca's F&L and also We Need To Live More.

Do you speak Italian?
Since I live with my grandparents, who indeed are immigrants from Italy, I am surrounded by the beautiful language. However I can't speak it as fluently as my Mother, Nonna & Nonno. I can understand most of their dialogue when they're having conversations with each other and their friends, but I struggle to reply without including bits and pieces of English. After I finish school I'd love to focus on properly learning the language and spend 3 or more months on a working visa over in Italy, what a brilliant life experience that would be.

What is your skin type?
I have combination skin, which is usually slightly more oily than it is dry. It's also incredibly acne prone, but they generally tend to be a few annoying spots mainly in my t-zone. Your typical teenager really. -Phew, what a mouthful.

How do you take & edit your photos?
I take them myself with the camera mentioned above, all of the photos where I'm in the frame however are captured by my sister Celina. As for editing, I try and avoid using filters and making alterations to them on the computer, I much prefer the honest, natural version. But if I'm going to adjust my photos I'll just adjust the settings on the camera. For special effects (such as light flares) or black and white shots, I'll edit them on Photoshop - this is rare though, since its still such an intimidating program for me!